Captain Bacchus Milonas is the proud owner of The Liliana, or Miss Lily as he affectionately calls his modified spacecraft. The mocha skinned tiefling has golden eyes and a long sleeveless coat; well worn but still serviceable. Despite doing much of his business in areas managed by the Brai Sanctum, he operates outside of it's jurisdiction. Bacchus is skilled in many areas of work, some of which not as savory and some may even call "pirating".


The majority of his business is conducted shuttling items and even passengers back and forth through the cosmos, with the occasional bounty hunting job or instances to interfere with the Sanctum's work. Lately, Daythorn and Nora have tuned his interest towards the talk of Lost Ones, as well.

Bacchus hails from The Wastes, a dusty low-income sector in the heart of the Kalto System on a planet named Thibus. 

Feral Tiefling | Gunslinger | Thibus


Hanacabonnichthysrii "Abon" Daythorn prefers to be referred to as Daythorn; since her full name is nearly impossible for anyone to pronounce outside of a primordial tongue. With white and blue flame hair, orange skin and large round glasses adorning sharp and curious eyes, the fire genasi wizard always has a stylus tucked behind her ear and clothing which may or may not go together well.


The Lost Ones  and magitech fascinate Daythorn, and she spends all her spare moments trying to dig up information on them. She adores plants and has a penchant for reading everything in sight... or pushing buttons she shouldn't. A lover of adventure, she might throw caution to the wind if it gets her on a path she is interested in.


Daythorn comes from a small family that lived on the planet Caprinae in the Caidoz system known for mining, and the great resources it offers to the Brai Sanctum.

Fire Genasi | Wizard | Caprinae


Princess Ellenora Regina Delilah Nickala van Clark (or "Nora" for short) is a cerulean blue tiefling warlock. Glamorous and forthright, the runaway princess of a prestigious family has glowing red eyes and stands at 6ft tall even without her heeled boots. Her favorite seat is lounging in an elegant robe on Miss Lily's bridge in her claimed gunner chair. Her usual wardrobe looks expensive; well tailored boots and fine coats which are far more style-inclined than her fire genasi companion. 


Hailing from a planet which is oft referred to as the most beautiful in it's galaxy, Nora joined the crew of The Liliana on her wedding day. Fleeing the altar and arranged marriage to a man she hardly knew, this wayward princess dashed aboard the first departing shuttle vessel she saw in full dress and jewels.


Pelting her expensive earrings at the unsuspecting captain, she proclaimed in no uncertain terms to "get her off this f*cking planet". 

Tiefling | Warlock | Xeuria

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