》Alex "Abon"

Abon (she/her) is a Florida born, Texas raised girl. She owns more art supplies than can fit in her house, and is our resident artist and designer. She enjoys teaching her students, playing video games, making art and procrastinating. 

》Rachel "DRagonbait"

DragonBait (she/her) is a Missouri girl living in an Ohio world. She is a professional podcast listener. When she isn't listening to podcasts (or playing in one), she is often writing stories and crafting. 


Cas (they/them) is a Pacific Northwest grown multiclasser of many trades and master of none. They dabble in photography, cosplay, their small online business, drinking and tabletop. The last two usually simultaneously. 

》LAnce "Almighty GM"

Lance (he/him) is a West Coast, Oregon raised nerd. He has a sketchbook addiction, and is father to many furbabies.  Husband and sweet sweet annoyance to his spouse Cas, he loves DMing, drawing, and is an expert nap-taker. 

》Zack "Gingerloaf" 

Ging (he/him) is a southern boy who moved East, and then came back to good old Texas. He is a game programmer working on the Virtual Reality platform. When he's not working - he is actually still working! He makes music and video games for fun.

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