Arc 1: Space Daze

For as long as time itself, magic has been the key to life. It courses through the lands, the plains, the mountains, and through the universe and the sky. Eventually across thousands of years the magic in the world began to lose it’s life supporting abilities as it was harnessed for war, entertainment and everyday life.


As the population of the planet grew, it's magic diminished and the world began to die. Nearly 3,000 years ago great minds of both arcanists and technological scientists joined to create a way off of the dying planet in hopes to give it a chance to heal itself. Combining the magic power with crafted technology, they were able to create space travel. Upon discovering the Kalto System the planets were quickly settled upon, and cities and homes were soon built.


Days turned to years, and the colonies grew. Years became decades, and a government was soon formed in the Kalto System. Guardians of the stars and keepers of peace, the Brai Sanctum spread it's power from planet to planet; regulating machinery, trade, and laws while maintaining peace and bringing justice to those who dare break their legislation.


As decades passed, the old world was forgotten and the brilliant minds who initiated this great leap to future we now know seemingly disappeared. They became myths, legends, and mere bedtime stories. The tales of old soon referred to them merely as “Lost Ones", and the technology they invented were appropriately named “Lost Tech”.

*Some swearing and suggestive language as does accompany playing Dungeons & Dragons

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